About Special Women 

Olgakia is a  story about my grandmothers and simple living.

My grandmothers, Olga & Evdokia, were real handy craft heroines, always making beautiful things for family and friends. Their choice to create was part necessity but mostly through love. From making any piece of clothing, seasonal decoration or food. ONLY ONE thing was constant -it was always made with love and care.

Value the power and beauty in women's handicraft and support nurturing heritage!


100 % recycled wool

These socks are made by a grandmother expert with love and care.

Unique, cosy and cool heritage!

These socks  were made by grand ma Fedora

who is 74 years old. Grandma Fedora makes these socks using  a special 'winter technique'.

All of them are made in unique design and colours. She supplied all he friends and family with these gorgeous socks. In return they bring her unwanted jumpers and scarves for her to recycle.

Recycling wool can be a long but absolutely rewarding process. It may take 36-72 hours to complete the recycling of an old jumper, from unrevealing washing and drying + extra 6 -8 hours to knit these socks. She is fast.

Socks that nurture,

                         socks that care!

Babushka Fedora



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